Using and Understanding the Jesus Deck

Journey Into Wholeness provides and employs a tool called the Jesus Deck. It is suitable for public outreach events – in one to one conversations – as well as for personal use. Designed like a pack of playing cards, it depicts various characters and events associated with the life of Jesus in the Gospels, as recorded in the New Testament of the Christian Bible. In public contexts this tool can complement JIW’s Dream Interpretation service. The Journey Into Wholeness team find that it is invariably of encouragement to many who are seeking deeper purpose and meaning to life and a way to explore spiritual Truth. It often leads to openness to sharing life’s hurts and can result in receiving prayer for the work of God in people’s personal situations. See the videos below for a more detailed explanation of this tool.

Introducing the Jesus Deck
Uses of the Jesus Deck
Jesus Deck Readings

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