Jesus Deck at Life Arts Marks Tey – 21-22 October 2017

Logo-New-Website-SizeIn total we saw 52 people at our Jesus Deck tables, all of them useful stories, prayers – and in some cases commitments to follow Jesus! We are grateful to God for these breakthroughs. We also had positive chats with other stall holders and some of them came to our stall for a JD reading. Several people prayer walked and made some good conversations with other stall holders, and some spent time with visitors who were having refreshments at the café. Below are some of the comments from the friends who helped during the two days.

I found my session on Sunday lunch time a really positive experience. This was my second time of being involved in the Jesus Deck stall and this time I felt much more confident about finding ways to share my own faith with people. I found that most people were very receptive to the message and already had some sort of faith in God, but some were disillusioned with traditional Church because they found it too rigid for their ‘free spirit’. Some of the cards that came up were so relevant to people’s particular situation that they were really taken aback by it!

On Saturday I had a good conversation with a Catholic man while I was standing by the Jesus Deck since we had one table and Joan was reading the cards. He was a good listener and very open minded about my spiritual challenges/questions. At the end of our conversation, he committed his life to the Lord, and I blessed and prayed for him.

A lady, who knows angels and spiritual beings, was very emotional when I shared my spiritual journey with her. She had health issues over the last ten years, and she allowed me to lay my hand on her belly for healing prayer. Healing anointing went to her.

Interestingly, one of the tarot card readers came to our stall and sat in front of me. ‘Do me with what you have’, she enquired me challengingly. I knew that she wanted to know what we were doing since we are the card readers, too. So I told her, ‘Please close your eyes and read me first and then tell me what you can see.’ She said that she could see ‘pink and red colours’, meaning happiness (although I understood it as the fire of the Holy Spirit). I thanked her and then told her what the Holy Spirit instructed me. She was silent while I was talking and challenging her (of course, the Holy Spirit was doing it through me). At the end, I told her she needs to be in the kingdom of light rather than the kingdom of darkness.

A lady, who was very afraid to give her life to the Lord when she was very small, finally committed her life to Him.

The last lady I saw was really seeking and I was able to give her a Gideon New testament I had with me as she did not have a Bible. I was able to tell her the simple gospel through the sower card she had chosen…and she allowed me to pray with her.

One of the visitors said she was a new born Christian and had been converted in July and was told by someone to pray and also meditate. After a while I felt I should give her our book, The Maze of Deception, which she accepted willingly, as I felt she was in danger as a young Christian to imbibe the stuff that was in the hall. She is attending a local evangelical Church and is being loved and helped.

One lady had a mother who had been a medium and she went to a Roman Catholic school, and then got tied up with a cult for six months.  She had a very broad view of the world and felt if folk were kind to each other that was all that mattered. However she did allow me to pray with her.

I had folk take the leaflets that seemed to meet their need, they were impressed with the words of Scripture read to them and accepted a free gospel to take away.

I very much enjoyed this first experience of coming to one of these events and was astonished how many attended and were seeking. It was great that Journey into Wholeness had a stand in the midst of it.

The service at my Church in the morning was about the Lord’s prayer and I was thinking about the words in it ‘Thy kingdom come on Earth as it is in Heaven’. The Lord’s kingdom was present in the midst over the weekend and it did prompt me to pray for everyone there. Jacquie went through the Jesus Deck with a lady who had come with her son, who is autistic. She was quite stressed as she is a nurse and also has demanding care burdens with her son. It was great to see how God worked through that session and I was praying for her whilst Jacquie ministered to her.

We have seen at least 30 people today to read the JD together, as well as good conversations with other stall holders. One came and had a conversation with Joan, and seem very interested in what we do. We began the day with one desk and finished it with two!

Just after 12, very suddenly more people came past our stall and whilst Pat was sitting at the table, I was standing with my cards in hand, offering them to people passing by. I asked them to draw just one card and regard. The Holy Spirit was present in a great way, revealing what’s the most relevant for the person in front of me, asking the appropriate question and giving the right word for each one of them.  A couple and three individuals allowed me to pray for them and they were all very grateful and deeply touched to hear that God is interested in their lives and cares about them.

Thank you for your prayers. It was full on right from 10am with wonderful cards coming up – completely relevant for the five individual ladies I have done readings with. One lady came right through to faith. There is great openness to Jesus.

We would like to thank the friends who helped during this event – Hana, Joan, Gillian, Jutta, Liz, Pat, Anne, Jacquie, Guy, Howard, Dennis and Tony.

If you would like to contact any of the Journey into Wholeness team, or would like any further information please e-mail