Jesus Deck training in the Cotswolds – June 2018

Gillian and Howard trekked to the beautiful Cotswolds to deliver training to over 30 lay folk and clergy. This was extremely well received, with Stow church immediately putting the cards to work by organising an evening reflection service of a reading, discussion, and silence to pray and reflect. Other were training in preparation for the upcoming Tewkesbury Mediaeval festival.

“Thank you for organising the training, it was a really interesting day last weekend. It was lovely to be with so many enthusiastic and welcoming people. I have returned home and read the Grove booklet [training manual] already. Next I might take the cards down the pub and see what happens…..”

“I’m really pleased to have been introduced to the Jesus Deck and to be equipped with a way of using it. I used it with my college cell group last week and a couple of them are intending to buy their own deck.”

“I’m thinking about ways to use it in the parish. We have several coffee shops in our local parade of shops. I’m wondering about just hanging out at one with the cards to see what happens.”

It is so exciting to see this fantastic evangelism tool spread far and wide throughout the country!

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